About Me

As an author, speaker, and coach I have a love for educating and encouraging others to understand and break free from the misconceptions that hold them hostage and keeps them from stepping on to that next “stage” in life.

Getting on stage and sharing your voice can be overwhelming and a bit scary for so many people. No matter what is holding someone back, I love helping them flourish and getting excited about the possibilities!

I started my journey into public speaking and love for encouraging and motivating others when I won the title of Miss Ohio USA and competed in the nationally televised Miss USA pageant. I spent my year traveling extensively, speaking to youth on positive self-image and being physically and mentally fit.

I have a passion to help purpose driven people learn the art of sharing their message so they can connect with the heart of their audience, grow their business, and impact the world.

Years later I had a passion project that I needed to share with the world! I returned to pageantry as a vehicle to get that message heard. I won the title of Mrs. Ohio, and went on to win the national title of Mrs. International. That afforded me the opportunity and honor to become the national spokesperson for the American Diabetes Association and work with an international pharmaceutical company and share my message with the world.

I spent my year of service traveling with my children’s book — I Know Someone with Diabetes— and educating people about diabetes to which I am still very active with raising awareness and funds today. I am also an educator and speaker for an international health and wellness company and have a love for helping others accomplish their health and wellness goals.

I knew then that the pageant wins were for a much bigger reason than just a crown and banner. I knew what I had learned about sharing ones voice and the impact it can have on people was something I needed to teach others. So for the past 20 years I have been coaching, doing motivational speaking, and workshops throughout the United States to corporations, sports teams, health and wellness organizations, as well as at conferences, churches, and other events.

My heart is to help others see the value in their voice, their message, their passion, and help them share it with the world to make the impact they know they can make.