Do you have a message to share that you know will change lives but…

*You feel lost at exactly how to share it to make the most impact.
*You struggle with the fear of not being good enough.
*You sometimes lack the confidence you know you need on stage.
*You have spoken in the past but not had the influence you had hoped for!!
 I use to be that person too until I discovered 3 essential components that changed everything!!

My Speaking Experience

Is This You?

→Are you someone who has:

  • A message to share?
  • A passion project?
  • An amazing product or service?

You just know it will truly change lives, but you don’t know how to effectively present and make it impactful?

→You know you need to;

  • Get in front of people
  • Get on video, media or on stage

But you don’t know exactly what to do or say or how to say it to make the most impact. And you get completely overwhelmed on how to even go about it.

→You feel like you have walked through or learned something that literally changed your life and you just have to share with others what you know!

→BUT then self doubt has a way of sneaking in doesn’t it? Feeling like you aren’t;

  • Good enough
  • Smart enough
  • Educated enough—a whole lot of not enoughs!

→Many of you might be out there;

  • Watching tons of videos
  • Following 10 different experts on your subject trying to figure out how they got their voice heard
  • Trying to decide if you need a business coach or a PR person
  • You understand what I mean when I say I needed a vehicle because I wanted to get my message heard.

→Wouldn’t you love it if someone could actually teach you with a system that truly works on how to share that message to make a huge impact?

Sharing our messages with the world has gotten so much easier because of social media platforms as well as stages BUT if you aren’t doing it the right way, no one will care. Let me help you…

*Learn how to share your message, story, product, passion project, or some great advice you want to share to make the most impact.

*Speak with confidence and become the authority in your field.

*Become comfortable and have fun doing video.

*Start having success with getting booked to speak at events that are in alignment with your message.

*Learn how to get on media such as TV, radio, podcasts etc.

*Learn how to use your voice in a powerful keynote that flows with authenticity and captivates your audience to action.

*Let me help you  learn how to truly connect with the heart of your audience so you can share your voice, grow your business and impact the world.

Do you have a great message but struggle with getting opportunities to share on stages or other media outlets? Learn what you absolutely need to know to get more speaking opportunities.

 3 Things Every Speaker Needs to Know to Get Their Message Heard!!


1-How to Pick a Hot Topic 

2-How to Move Your Audience to Action 

3-How to Get More Speaking Gigs

What People Are Saying

When I started working with Lisa, I was already a speaker and presenter. I had many events under my belt, and was comfortable in front of a crowd. But she made me better, she saw things that no one else did, and that is what makes Lisa and her style so incredibly amazing and important to communicators around the world. Being able to help someone take the next level, find a unique perspective, and pushing someone to an elite level that they were not even aware they needed is what you will achieve when working with Lisa. Find your inner purpose with Speak2Serve.

Rian Valentine
National Spokesperson, American Lung Association

Lisa is a gifted professional who will help you develop the confidence to deliver a compelling message and overcome the challenges of speaking in a public setting. She is easy to talk to and makes the entire process enjoyable. Having done it at the highest level herself, Lisa knows what it takes to create a genuine, memorable presentation that captures your audience’s attention.

Chris Fulmer
CEO – Golden Vineyard Branding LLC

Working with Lisa the last several years, gave me the confidence and skills needed to achieve the connections, networking opportunities, and success I have gained today. As a spokesperson for many brands (Paul Mitchell Hair Care, Jovani Fashions, and 3 Musketeers to name a few), her public speaking expertise and advice on connecting with an audience are skills that will continue to push me forward in my career path.

Britian Bennet
National Spokesperson

Working with Lisa, was the very thing I needed to help me become the speaker I am called to be. Her passion, her experience, and her knowledge, mixed with an attitude that really made me feel like she cared, gave me the confidence to connect with my audience on a deeper level and truly make an impact.
Erica Foster

Lisa Moser has been such an amazing support to me. She is such an encourager and truly knows how to help you see your true potential while still helping you grow in areas you need.

I am very thankful I had her support at Mrs. International as well as helping me with my mission on spreading my platform and passion of Suicide Prevention. Working with her gave me the support I needed and I cherish the friendship we have developed.

Robin Towle
Mrs. International 2019

While Lisa herself has a natural ability on stage, she is also a natural teacher and cheerleader who brings so much empowerment and encouragement to individuals. As I’ve personally experienced, Lisa will provide constructive feedback while cheering you on to being the best you can be so you can share your message!

Renee Vidor
Connector, Speaker, and Community Creator

Before working with Lisa, I was afraid that I didn’t have a unique message. I was sure others could write and speak on the subject of trauma and do a better job. Lisa showed me that my life experience gave me a distinct and personal message that others could relate to – she gave me the courage to stand up straight, open my heart, and speak clearly to encourage others who are waiting (and needing) to hear what I have to say. After working with Lisa, I realized that finding my purpose and passion was the key to speaking in public, that was motivation enough to overcome my fear.

Tammy Arlene

Lisa has the ability to help you tap into your authentic self by helping you make a personal connection with your audience. Working with Lisa has helped me have the confidence and ability to share my passion using my voice.

Claire Todd College

Student Otterbein University

Working with Lisa on stage presentation and interview helped me exponentially. She was able to make changes to my on stage performance that really helped me shine and stand out in the competition. Lisa helped me develop my stage presence strategies that I used throughout my competition to Miss Ohio USA and all the way to competing at Miss USA. In interview, she taught me how to direct my answers to showcase my platform and passions. Lisa has a way of bringing out your best self and building your confidence!

Sarah Lawhorn
TV Personality, Miss Ohio 2015