THE UNHACKABLE FORCE is all about Closing the Gap to Reset, Redo and Reclaim a Life of FAVOR. A 30-Day Journey To Release Your Pain, Receive Your Permission, Rediscover Your Passion, And Rock Your Purpose.

Everyone not only has a story, everyone IS a story. Age, experience, location, background, vocation, or education has little bearing on these stories called LIFE. Very few people would say their life is one not requiring reset, retakes or redos. We can do this on our own, but why when we can band together and go to places far greater than we alone could ever accomplish.

Why is that? Why are the best intended life stories often derailed or HACKED?

PART 1 (DEBRA): helping us become unhackable when hell wont back down.
PART 2 (DAPHNE): unhacking your past as you break chains and make waves.
PART 3 (LISA): encouraging you to embrace yourself fully for unhackble passion.
PART 4 (NICCIE): unhacks your future so you can live/love/learn/lead fiercely.

Miss Conception:
5 Steps To Overcome Our Misconceptions And Achieve Our Own Crowning Moments

We all have dealt with them. Either through how others perceive us, or our own misconceptions of others. How we meet these attitudes and our reaction to the false beliefs can help shape the core foundation that molds us as adults.

As an accomplished author, successful businesswoman and national pageant queen, Lisa Moser has had to deal head on with the misconceptions attached to pageantry, living life in the spotlight, and dreaming again as we get older.

Through her stories and insights, Lisa shares her heart and provides a path to empowerment. She helps readers understand their self-worth while facing life head on. Best of all she demonstrates that you are never too old to chase your dreams.


“I recommend women of ALL ages take advantage of reading Miss Conception. It is a transparent story that I believe every woman can relate to. The lessons taught bring to light the fact that most women are caught in the trap between what our society and the media says we should look like and have and the reality of everyday truth. As author of RISE…What To Do When Hell Won’t Back Off, I know how easy it is to hide behind a personally designed mask. Lisa exposes her personal misconceptions and masks as she teaches woman worldwide that you do not have to be a beauty queen to have a “Crowning Moment”.

Debra Hayes

Miss Conception is exactly what you should read if you truly want to go after the life you want. The obstacles we face along the way—especially those we encounter internally—are ones we can tackle with the right mindset, attitude and confidence. Lisa Moser’s experience and real world advice will help you achieve the goals you’re after while respecting and overcoming the difficulties along the way. Don’t let them hold you back. Read this book.

Amy Schmittauer
Best Selling Author of Vlog Like a Boss, Keynote Speaker and YouTuber”

“Miss Conception is a must read for those who have fears that hold them back, who feel the need to be perfect or who think others have a perfect life and view their own lives as less than perfect. Lisa’s raw transparency will help you to embrace your imperfectness and achieve what you want in life.

Jill Kopanis
National Speaker-Shazam Communications”

“I’m drawn to her risk taking and her extraordinary tenacity to educate the world about diabetes. Her honesty and authenticity resonates whether she is speaking, reading from her children’s book I Know Someone with Diabetes or the words she has delicately and beautifully placed together in her new release Miss Conception. I encourage you to join me in this fan-affair, this beauty is bound to inspire you!

Kathy Kaehler
Celebrity Trainer, Author & Better Living Expert”


I really enjoyed this book. Most women I know struggle with comparing themselves with others. Lisa Moser gave practical tips about how to handle when you are your own worse critic. She is so real and talks about how she herself struggled with these things even though she has won beauty pageants and has done amazing things. This book was easy and fun to read and I walked away feeling so inspired!

FINALLY…Someone has written this book! And this someone has walked the stages of the professional beauty competitions. Lisa Moser writes a compelling and open account of her experience of competing in pageants while battling a poor self-image. This is a timely message that says, despite how beauty is defined in our society and despite the roles we take on with unreasonable expectations, we are all worthy of respect and distinction.

We all know the feeling… We get caught up in everyone else’s expectations of us and the world’s definition of “enough” – good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough. Well enough already. Lisa Moser, in her brilliant work, Miss Conception, takes you through her life’s journey and shares the keys to feeling comfortable in your own skin being who you were designed to be. Everyone who has ever battled with self-esteem issues must read this book. Meet the real you, unaltered by society!

Women are under such tremendous pressure today — pressure to perform at work; pressure to maintain a tidy and organized home; pressure to raise perfectly-mannered, intelligent children; pressure to be a happy, supportive wife 24/7; and pressure to maintain the same slim figure from high school all the way through motherhood and beyond. Why? Because that’s how society tells women they should live. As a result, women often have misconceptions about who they really are and what their real purpose is in life. I have enjoyed watching Lisa Moser prepare her perfectly-titled book that encourages women to abandon the images of success society imposes upon them and look instead to their creator for true self-worth and confidence.

This book is a must read for every women… young or old. The author shares her amazing story of how she overcame the many self limiting beliefs that plagued her mind and body. She won awards and titles but still did not think she was beautiful! However, through many life changing events, Lisa began to emerge from her labels and pain that she or others gave her and now she sees herself through new eyes. Her passion is to help women break free from the misconception of what true beauty is. As you read this book and apply the 5 powerful steps to your life, you too will know that you are more than enough!