Communicate with More Clarity, Confidence, and Connection

Connect for Impact Speaker is the premier experience for purpose-driven people who have a message to share and an audience to serve.

Communication has always been essential to work and life. Today, the stakes are even higher. In our world of digital distraction, getting people to pay attention is both an art and a science. By applying the proven process, you’ll increase your influence, impact, and income as you truly connect with your audience.


Unlock your purpose on stage through our P3 Process©
Passion, Preparation, and Presentation.

1. Message: What is your product, message, or service?
2. Motivation: Why do you want to share it?
3. Messenger: How can you communicate your passion?
4. Mastery: What is your VPS (Value Proposition Statement)?
5. Mission: What is your Passion Impact Statement?
6. Muscle: How do you strengthen your speech?
7. Match: Who is the perfect match?
8. Mindset: How can I make it be about them?


Do you love your message enough that you’re willing to do what it takes to get it out to the world?

Developing a message that moves your audience to action involves a deep connection to the message and being willing to do the work that is necessary to deliver and connect with it. Think of the most powerful speeches of all time. They all have something in common. Passion! These messages originated from a place deep within the speaker. Clarity came through intense effort. They gave us a piece of their heart. And we, the audience, remember it forever.

9. Solve: What problem do you solve?
10. Step: What do you want your audience to do?
11. Simplify: Don’t sabotage your talk with this common mistake!
12. Strategize: Brainstorm message points/ideas.
13. Story: Why are you the expert to talk about this subject?
14. Strengths: List your credentials, experiences, talents, traits.
15. Stats: Prepare facts, stats, and consumer interest.
16. Shine: Let your personality shine through.


You don’t have to be Brene Brown or Tony Robbins to be memorable. In fact, all you need to be is yourself! This doesn’t mean “speaking off the top of your head.”

Rather, Connect for Impact Speaker shows you how to internalize your message so you can communicate with confidence. By preparing for the moment, the moment is prepared for you.

Whether you’re speaking live or virtually, in a small group or a large stadium, preparation leads to a payoff with many benefits.

The masters of any craft have one thing in common—preparation.

17. Recap: Intro
18. Recipe: Passion Presentation Framework
19. Reward: Benefit-Driven Title
20. Reach: Strong Opener
21. Reduce: Create Message Points
22. Review: Stories
23. Resource: Integrate Ideas and Visuals
24. Restate: OVERVIEW
25. Response: Nail The Close
26. Revisit: Pull It All Together
27. Rescue: Outline/Cheat Sheet
28. Rehearse: Practice, Practice, Practice
29. Remember: Video Yourself
30. Rules: Timeframes
31. Reprioritize: Presentation Time
32. Ready: Test Your Talk


The best speakers don’t merely want to communicate information. Rather, they long to ignite transformation within the hearts and minds of their listeners.
This is possible through the P3 Process©

Connect for Impact Speaker helps you develop an unforgettable message that connects with your audience.

In this final module, you’ll put all the pieces together to create a powerful presentation that achieves your identified outcome.

Communication has been a vital part of my life for decades, so if I’m going to spend my time perfecting how I develop and deliver my message, it’s critical that I seek out the help of someone who has a proven track record and can help me get to where I want to go successfully. Lisa is that person for me! She has helped me become a more effective communicator and I am so grateful for her. And, she’s an absolute joy to work with. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about wanting to communicate with more clarity, confidence, and connection. Thanks Lisa!

Doug Fitzgerald

Best-Selling Author, Speaker & CEO ONESHOT. ONELIFE

Lisa is an incredible coach who teaches powerful, simple frameworks to help speakers share their most important messages with the world. She is genuine, fun, easy to work with, and willing to courageously challenge your thinking so you can achieve maximum results by giving maximum value to your audience.

Chris McClure
Executive Leadership Coach & Owner, Lead Life BIG LLC

From the camera to the stage, I’ve gained confidence and become more professional with my presentations after working with Lisa and her program. Connecting with my audience is crucial for my message to make an impact and leave an impression. Thanks to the tips and techniques I learned from Lisa, my abilities have been taken to the next level.

Daphne V. Smith
Speaker, Wave Maker, Truth Teller


Connect for Impact Speaker is a course that you can do online at your own pace. Members have lifetime access to the curriculum so you can go back and rewatch anytime you need a refresher or new messaging.  You can develop as many messages as you wish using the P3 Process.©



Tap into over 30 transformational lessons by Communication Specialist Lisa Moser.


Gain confidence as you put together powerful messaging.


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Enjoy increased confidence by honing your craft and perfecting your message.


Connect For Impact Speaker Online Course

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Connect For Impact Speaker Online Course

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