Health and Wellness Wheel

On the chart above, rate your area of satisfaction on a scale of 1-10 and mark it on the graph.Zero being not satisfied at all in that area of your life to, to ten being you feel 100% fulfilled and happy with where you are with that area of your life.

Spirituality- How connected are you with your spiritual beliefs. Do you feel satisfied with the time and energy that you give this part of your life?

Health- How physically healthy are you? Do you have the energy and stamina you desire? Are you happy with your level of fitness and activity you do?Are you satisfied with your current eating habits?

Family- Do you feel a close connection to your family? Are your relationships healthy and supportive? Do you spend quality time with the ones you love?

Personal Development- How invested are you with some form of personal development? Do you try to grow and push yourself to be your best? Do you try to learn new things and experience passion with goal setting? Are you constantly working to become the best version of yourself?

Self-Image- Do you respect and love yourself unconditionally? Do you practice positive self-talk? How highly to you think of your abilities? Do you build yourself up?

Career and Finances- Do you enjoy your career?Are you headed towards the direction you want to go with it?Are you exploring new possibilities? Are you satisfied with your current finances?

Friends and Social Life- Are you surrounding yourself with positive supportive people?Do your friends encourage you and bring positivity to your life? Are you having fun in your life and getting out to experience new things?

Technology- Do you currently have a healthy balance when it comes to social media and technology? Do you not let your life get hacked by cell phones, Facebook, Instagram,television and the wonderful world of “virtual reality”?Do you have a good sense of balance when it comes to spending time with technology and spending time in the real world?



How does your wheel look? Is it well-balanced or do you see flat areas in your circle? Take a minute and just really study it, are you surprised at any of the areas? 

  For those areas you score 8-10,  congratulations you are particularly satisfied in those areas and it’s important for you to maintain what you’re doing to keep yourself satisfied. BUT don’t overlook that there may be areas for improvement and that you are not limiting  your potential to further grow in that area. 

If you scored a 5-7 in any of the categories then I would say you’re probably pretty satisfied but definitely have room to grow and explore. Think about how and what you may do to grow a bit in that area.

If your score is a four or below in a certain category then that is an area you may really want to focus on. Don’t get down on yourself about it,  just see it as a new opportunity to push yourself a little bit in those areas. 

We all are a work in progress and balancing your life is going to be something that you are constantly working towards. And that’s okay because when it comes to personal development this wheel is a great place to start. 

I am constantly working on areas of my life that I feel need to improve. I probably have hundreds of self-help, positive thinking, how to make life great books.  I’m usually picking up a new book to read in an area of my life where I feel the most lack at that time. Personal development—That is how we evolve as a person, that is how we continue to grow. 

When you stop caring; stop pushing; stop growing, that is when we tend to get really dissatisfied with our lives. Then we start searching for unhealthy things in a quest to find some sort of joy again. It’s imperative that we keep the important things in life in front of us at all times and when one of those areas get weak, we just work at getting it back to on track.

Being healthy is all about balance. And it’s about balancing a lot more than just your workout schedule and eating so-called healthy foods. That is just one facet of living a healthy life, feeling fulfilled, and having a sense of joy. I have spent so much of my life out of balance. Focused on things that I saw as extremely important in fulfilling some kind of happiness and joy in my life that truly was never going to be attainable by conquering this one specific area. As I said earlier, my quest for the perfect body was never going to be achieved! It was never going to be achieved because there is no such thing. All I can strive for is to have a healthy body – on the inside and out. 

All I can do is work hard at loving myself and being happy with my decisions and knowing when I decide to do something I do it because I love it not because I’m trying to make someone else love me. I am learning to take chances and push myself and to trust in God’s perfect plan for my life. 

I have to stop letting fear make decisions for me. I have to remember to continually search for that passion in my life that makes me excited to get up every morning. Without finding something that gets you excited to get out of bed every day, life can become so mundane and a very boring, sad place to live. God did not put us here on this earth to live mundane, boring, joyless, lives. We all must start finding the joy in every day. 

We have to stop being so hard on ourselves and watching everyone else’s lives. We have got to teach our children about passion at an early age so that they grow up knowing what it is like to exist in that realm. We all must learn to find joy in the gloomy rainy days. We have to learn that the joy is in the journey not necessarily the destination.

We have to stop setting ourselves up for failure. Thinking that there’s something that we are missing in our lives because of what we see everybody else doing. Because we see everyone else’s passions in life and what they’re accomplishing and we feel less then because we are not doing what they are doing. Find what makes you happy—find your passion— find what gets you excited to get out of bed every morning—then get out there and go for it. No matter what it is. No matter how irrelevant it may seem to others, if it is something that means something to you then do it. Live a life full of adventure and stop being so hard on yourselves stop comparing yourself to others and practice living in a place of joy and gratitude.