Miss Conception Workbook

The workbook was designed to be used while reading Miss Conception– 5 Steps To Overcome Our Misconceptions and Achieve Our Own Crowning Moments.
After each “Crowning Moment”, go to the coordinating section in the workbook at fill out questions and assignments. ┬áThe workbook will help you:
  • Put in writing your thoughts about each sections and how it applies to you.


  • Help you devise a plan on how to deal with each misconception.


  • Make you think outside the box a bit.


  • Help hold you accountable.
One thing that I always recommend is to read the book along with a friend, mom, sister, or any group and really discuss what you have written down. You will discover that everyone deals with “stuff” and you just might have more in common than you think.

Miss Conception Workbook

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